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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rediscovering a Lost Libido

After reading a recent article in the newspaper about women rediscovering their lost libido, I wrote the following letter to the editor:

In view of the fact that testosterone treatment for post-menopausal women is controversial and lacks long-term studies, I’d like to suggest a much easier and more pleasant way to boost a woman’s libido, whether she’s post-menopausal or not. According to psychologists, unlike men, who are aroused by visual stimuli, women are aroused by emotional stimuli, which can be derived from the written word. Reading good erotic stories that are written by women for women can be extremely arousing. When we create interesting characters and put them in erotic situations, the stories are written specifically to make our readers squirm in their seats with desire. There are dozens of erotic publishers who sell either books in print or ebooks to be read on the Internet. For Valentines Day, it might be prudent for men to add women’s erotica to their holiday shopping list along with the usual flowers and candy.

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Sebastian said...

Women, like men is prone in having a low libido. More women today suffers from this treat. But it can't be worried too much because it is curable and it won't kill us unless we will find a way to cure it.