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Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Erotic Romance Soon To Be Published

I'm very excited to announce that Carnal Passions has offered me a contract for my new erotic romance, THE COWBOY WAY, which is a novella ebook about a cowboy and a virgin. According to the publisher it will be available around April 15th.

Horny and tired of looking at Chance McCabe from a distance, almost-twenty-year-old Maggie wants nothing more than to break her vow of celibacy with the man of her dreams. When a sudden storm, a runaway horse spooked by lightning, and a rundown hunter's cabin present the perfect opportunity for seduction, Chance resists Maggie’s sexual overtures for fear of loosing his dream job as foreman of an elegant dude ranch that strictly forbids fraternization with the guests. Unable to resist the siren’s call, Chance risks everything to satisfy his own lust as well as Maggie’s desire to become a “woman.”

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